Comprehensive Copywriting Academy: the insider view

If you’re reading this page, it’s probably because you’ve come across the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy – and you’re wondering if it’s for you.

As a current member of the CCA, I’m here to offer you my honest thoughts on what it has to offer (and what it doesn’t).

(Spoiler alert: it worked for me.)

This page includes affiliate links to products. I may receive money if you make a purchase through these links. More below on why I decided to become a CCA affiliate!

When I first came across the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy and Filthy Rich Writer, I didn’t know what copywriting was.

By the time I had digested a bunch of free CCA content (including the free training) I not only knew what a copywriter does – I knew I wanted to be one.

Explore the free training here.

(I didn’t join right away, though. I actually looked at a lot of other options before circling back round to the CCA. More on that below.)

First off: what is the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

The CCA was started by an experienced copywriter, Nicki Krawczyk. Nicki has an impressive portfolio – she’s worked with the likes of TripAdvisor, Adidas and Hasbro over her 20-year career. And, from early on, she’s helped to train and upskill other copywriters. 

In the CCA, Nicki shares everything she and her team have learnt about how to become a successful copywriter.

Read more about Nicki here.

Nicki Krawczyk

My top 3 takeaways:

1. The CCA includes all the training you need to get started as a freelance copywriter

Here’s what makes the CCA stand out for me:

It trains you in the skill of copywriting


It teaches you how to find clients and build a copywriting business

To me, this is what makes the CCA truly comprehensive. It doesn’t just teach you the skill, but also teaches you how to translate the skill into an income.

In other words, you won’t need to pay for another course/book/coach/training event before you can start getting paid to write.

Want a sneak peak into what that looks like?

Read Nicki’s article: How to break into copywriting

2. You’ll get out what you put in

Nicki gives you all the tools you need to learn copywriting and to find freelance clients (or find a copywriting job, if that’s what you are looking for).

But it’s up to you to do the work.

Firstly, you’ll need to forget everything you thought you knew about writing. Copywriting is its own skill, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel completely out of your depth at the beginning. (Fortunately, as with all learning, it gets easier with practice!)

Then, you’ll need to start putting yourself out there in order to find work. It takes some pluck to start selling your services – especially when it’s your first paid project.

You’ll also need to start putting together all the pieces that make up a business: creating work samples, building a portfolio website, setting up systems for everything from invoicing to storing your work safely. All of this takes time and effort.

Having said that, it’s possible to move through these steps really quickly. Here’s how one CCA student replaced her income in only 6 weeks.

3. There’s a whole range of outcomes

I’ve seen people in the group struggle to make progress and decide it wasn’t for them.

I’ve seen others work through the program, and build slowly but surely towards replacing their income as a freelancer or landing a new job as a copywriter.

And I’ve seen others build up from scratch to six-figure businesses.

Hear about some people’s experiences here.

What happens for you depends on everything from your goals and priorities, to the amount of time and effort you’re able to dedicate, to your mindset and what else is going on in your life.

Here’s a snapshot of what it’s looked like for me:

  • It took me several months to work through the course and find my first client
  • Once I did, I was able to leave my job and replaced my income within 3 months
  • I’ve maintained that level of income through several health setbacks
  • I’m still figuring out how to grow my income further (and digging back into CCA support and resources as I do so)

My Story


In the summer of 2020, the world was in lockdown, and I was looking for a change.

For the past 5 years I’d been doing a job I loved. I was working in social care, helping to reduce homelessness in my local area. It was meaningful work and it paid the bills.

At the same time, I was starting to feel stuck. I loved my job, but I’d never intended to stay there for a long time.

I wanted to get my teeth into a new challenge. Something that would stretch and challenge me. Something a little less ‘safe’, where I didn’t know what was going to happen.

Alongside that, I live with chronic illness, and I needed the flexibility to work on my own schedule.

I’d always wanted to start a business, so I thought: ‘Why not now?’

Fast forward two years, and I have an established copywriting business. I’ve had the chance to work alongside incredible clients on a whole range of projects. And in a difficult economic climate, I’ve been able to provide work for others, too.

I’ve been more available to look after my baby nephew, travel more, and build up my own health.

And I’ve learnt so much: about myself, about money, about how to grow a business from the ground up.

(Interested to hear more of my story? Listen to my interview on the Build Your Copywriting Business podcast here!)

More questions? Keep reading...

CCA Core Training

This is the heart of the CCA, and it’s where you will begin.

In fact, you can learn everything you need to know to start working as a freelance copywriter from this course on its own.

Everything else in the CCA is about digging deeper into some aspect of this, or supporting you to implement it.

This course has 6 modules. In each module, you’ll find:

  • 5+ training videos, each 10-20 minutes long, in which Nicki explores basic principles, gives examples, and guides you on how to learn and practise the skill
  • Action sheets so you can put into practise what you’ve learnt right away.

The modules cover everything you need to start writing the kind of copy your clients will need, including:

  • The basic principles behind writing copy that actually does its job (because when your clients see the results they want, they’ll come back to you for more)
  • How to write for different platforms: websites, emails, sales letters, ads…
  • The process every copy project goes through, so you can turn up prepared to every client meeting
  • What building blocks you need to start finding work and operating effectively as a business from the get-go, and how to set these up

Some CCA students choose to complete the action sheets as they go along. Others choose to watch all the videos, then come back to complete the action sheets.

Bonus courses

These are structured the same way as the core modules, and they dig deeper into specific topics, such as:

  • Writing for specific mediums, like Facebook ads or videos
  • Different strategies to find clients
  • Mindset resources to help you stay motivated and productive

After 2 years I still haven’t completed many of these courses – in all honesty, since I started working with my own clients, I haven’t had the time! But I know they are there to fall back on if I need help in a specific area.

The Facebook group

If you’re not on Facebook, you’ll want to make an account just for this.

This might actually be the most valuable part of the CCA, because everyone in the group is learning the same skills as you, and whatever problems you come up against, you’ll find someone in there who has been there and found a way through.

It’s also the place to get feedback on your writing. Sharing your writing and hearing other people’s thoughts is the best way to improve, and feeding back on other people’s work is a great way to develop your critical skills, too.

Coaching calls

Every 2 weeks you’ll be able to join a coaching call with Nicki and other CCA students. That’s right – you get to learn from Nicki herself!

Live events

The CCA isn’t just a static course. It’s a learning community – and that means regular events.

Learn from specialists on topics as wide-ranging as using software to automate daily tasks, changing your mindset so you’re ready to step up to bigger opportunities, and how to work as a team with other creative professionals.

Yes! Alongside everything that is included in the CCA for free, you can also sign up for one-to-one coaching with one the CCA coaches.

And once you’ve built up a steady income, you can join CCA Next Level – a mastermind group to help you grow your business beyond yourself.

Newsflash: the CCA has just added a new way to move your business forward. Action and Accountability pods allow you to come alongside other CCA students and support each other to take the steps you need to grow.

I did my homework before deciding to join the CCA: through learning more about Nicki and her experience, exploring some of her free resources – but also by exploring what other copywriting courses were out there.

In case you’re interested, here are the 2 courses I considered instead:

I can’t recommend or tell you anything more about these because I didn’t end up buying them, but feel free to take a look.

In the end, I circled back to the CCA, because it offered all 3 of the things I was looking for:

  • Comprehensive training on how to become a great copywriter
  • Guidance, tools and resources to build a freelance business
  • Support from a community of fellow learners

If I could go back and choose a different route into copywriting, I wouldn’t. I’ve discovered many other tools and courses since then, but I haven’t seen anything to match the level of support within the CCA.

Read some more CCA student experiences.

I’ve been part of the CCA for 2 years, and I could have decided to join the affiliate programme at any time.

But before I started to promote it to others, I wanted to be sure I truly believed in it myself.

That meant working through the content until I’d built a consistent income.

Then, I waited a bit longer as I explored other resources for new business owners.

In that time, I’ve not found anything quite like the CCA in terms of the level of ongoing support and the depth and breadth of the content provided for a one-off fee.

As an affiliate, I have the opportunity to make money on purchases made through my recommendation. And as I’m gaining confidence as a business owner, I’m also learning to take opportunities to grow my own business in different ways. This is part of that journey.

I can’t answer that one for you, sorry!

But I can recommend you watch Nicki’s free training webinar:

  • It will give you a taste of what’s included in the CCA
  • It will give you insights that you can go away and act on right away, if you should choose to do so!

Sign up for the webinar here.